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Every 25 October is celebrated as European Lawyers’ Day, in addition to the European Day of Civil Justice on the same day.

The aim of the first day is to celebrate the common values of lawyers and their intrinsic role in defending and promoting the rule of law, as well as their contribution to the justice system while the objective pursued by the celebration of the European Day of Civil Justice is to bring justice closer to citizens, inform them about their rights and promote the work of the Council of Europe and the European Commission in the field of justice, through simulation of proceedings and information sessions.

This day is open to all European citizens, students and people working in the field of justice.

If you want more information about both days, you can consult the following links:


During the celebration of the European Advocates’ Day, the 2017 Guide To The European Advocates’ Day published by the Council of the Bar of Europe (CCBE) has been unveiled. The Council of the European Bar represents the Bars of 31 countries as well as other associate members and, through them, more than 1 million European lawyers.

From Lawyou, we would like to highlight from the mentioned Download the GUIDE a series of aspects that we consider that focus and revolve around reflections and problems identified by us and that we have been working to solve since our birth.

Specifically, it is ensured that choosing a lawyer is complex and is a difficult process for the consumer/client. This is what we are working on at Lawyou, we intend to make choosing a lawyer easy and a clear and simple process.

The offer of lawyers is unclear and their commercial communication is limited. From Lawyou, we seek that lawyers can offer in a simple and transparent way the legal services (specializations) they provide.

The aforementioned report talks about the emergence of Legaltech, and the use of Information and Communication Technologies in the legal profession in general, also talking about alternative providers of legal services and the needs of the new generations, in particular, the millennials. For us, Information and Communication Technologies are a tool that will be a differential competitive factor for lawyers.

These concerns and problems, or as we like to define them in Lawyou, these new challenges for the present and future of the legal profession, are aspects that make up our tasks and in which we have been working on their solution for some time… Do you want us to tell you how?

We invite you to get in contact with us, and let us tell you about it personally.

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