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Lawyou — viernes, 26 de febrero de 2021

In the previous post we talked about the relevance that has acquired today the training of the legal profession, not only in the legal world but also in the business – commercial world.

In this entry we are going to see and analyze what are the tools or instruments through which lawyers can change our training due to the great change that has occurred by the introduction of new technologies in the legal world.

This is so much so that legal professionals who do not make use of new technologies will be diminishing their profession, since they will be missing out on content, training and information that is necessary and relevant to the growth of the profession.

Previously everything was in paper format, but new technologies are taking over more and more of this profession, so much so that the files and consultations made by clients are made through the web and even the presentation of legal briefs is feasible via the Internet.

Even the faculties where lawyers are trained are increasingly emphasizing the use of technology.
One of the essential tools to face the digital world in this profession is the web page through which clients can enter, so that lawyer and client can be in contact 24 hours a day. In addition, it also becomes relevant the blogs that, although it is not of recent creation, offer legal training not only to other legal professionals but to anyone. On the other hand, we also have services of current creation, such as the webinar, which serve to organize meetings or events without the need to meet in a specific place and be able to access that meeting from anywhere, or the networking.

The incessant growth of the technological world will lead to the emergence of many other tools for the training of this profession.
The idea of the digitization of the legal profession gives greater performance and efficiency, since it will allow us to compete with other professionals and, at the same time, give our clients the service they deserve.

All this and much more is what LAWYOU is dedicated to. LAWYOU is a law firm oriented to the growth of this profession by accepting the change of our profession and adopting it to the digitalization that prevails in our days. LAWYOU offers you all these tools and many more so that you can have the right training.

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