The importance of budgeting for legal services.

Lawyou — viernes, 26 de febrero de 2021

One of the most important tasks of lawyers is to budget the fees for each of the matters to be handled.
In this budget the lawyer makes himself known to the client making him trust in the resolution of his problem. In this document called «professional fees» the client is going to know the needs that the lawyer will have to cover to reach the solution of the problem.

Once the needs to solve the conflict have been identified and meticulously explained so as not to mislead the client, a price must be agreed upon. In this way the lawyer will have gained the client’s trust and the client will perceive the lawyer’s professionalism.

The fees are a differentiating element, although not the only one, of the service of a lawyer from that of others.
The format and the image in which these fees have been prepared is also very important, since a better presentation generates confidence. It is essential that the document does not contain more information than necessary for the mere fact of making it easier for the client to understand.

The fees are the first impression that the lawyer generates in the client and if it is done correctly it can be that your services are recommended to other people.

What is the correct fee structure?


  • Object of the quotation.
  • Object of the quotation.
  • Catalog of services.
  • Catalog of services.
  • Complementary services.
  • Catalog of services.
  • Catalog of services.
  • Evaluation of works.
  • Quotation conditions.
  • Form of payment.
  • Signature of the lawyer and the client.

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