Coronavirus tips at work

Coronavirus tips at work

Lawyou — miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2021

From the law firm Lawyou, we want to inform you of the tools that the law provides to meet the challenge of the Coronavirus epidemic. With some advice on coronavirus at work

The labor authority has decided through Real Decreto-ley 6/2020, of March 10 (BOE 11.03.2020) that sick leave due to isolation period or contagion of the coronavirus, or covid19 virus, will be considered for practical purposes as work accidents and therefore the consequent economic benefit; that of temporary disability.

The priority objective is to contain the spread of the virus, while protecting the health of all salaried or self-employed workers.

In summary, the main key points for all of us to keep in mind are, for all those enrolled in any of the Social Security regimes:

  1. The economic benefit for periods of isolation or contagion of the coronavirus, will be the same as for work-related accidents.
  2. This consideration will be exclusively for the economic benefit
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  4. The provision of health care is not in the hands of the mutual insurance companies but of the public health services
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  6. The duration will be determined by the doctor who decrees the sick leave. And the periods of isolation that have been carried out previously will also be assimilated as work accidents.
  7. It will not be necessary the publication of the accident report, the channel is established by another area controlled by the health service
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We will continue to inform you of new developments as they occur as there are new developments, but, in any case, we call for caution and self-control in these challenging times.

If you have any doubts and need advice on how to manage it and avoid future major problems, do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns.

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