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Corruption in business

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What is a business corruption offense?
The mere acceptance of an offer or promise to obtain an unjustified benefit or advantage in exchange for unduly favoring another in the acquisition or sale of goods, or in the contracting of services or in commercial relations is punishable as a crime of corruption in business.

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Why is compliance so important for companies?

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Why is compliance so important for companies?
The criminal liability of companies

2015 was a key year for both criminal law and criminal procedural law, as the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Act underwent reforms during that year.

With the reform of the Criminal Code, the criminal liability of legal entities was introduced. This implies the possibility that the commission of certain criminal acts can be imputed not only to individuals who have committed them within a company (whether partners, directors, managers or employees), but also to the company itself as an entity.

This means that companies must assume the acts of the individuals that make up their organization, being able to become passive subjects in the criminal process, and assuming the consequences of this, which may even include the closure of the company.

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Surrogacy Situation in Spain

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Surrogacy . The filiation derived from the figure of surrogacy is currently one of the most controversial issues that we find in the field of Family Law. This issue, which presents a myriad of opinions of both ethical and political significance, has a very high technical and legal complexity and valuation that brings with it […]

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