The 5 most overlooked independent lawyers

Lawyou — viernes, 26 de febrero de 2021

For the independent lawyer


1. The active sales attitude

The independent lawyer, in addition to being a professional in his area, must be able to develop commercial skills. Knowing the value of the personal brand and valuing it is essential, in order to know what to sell and how to sell it in front of clients. Therefore, we must develop personal skills that allow us to feel comfortable with the customer.

2. Incorporation of technology

It is even obvious to mention that a lawyer’s office must have the basic technology that offers greater agility in the work. However, faced with the future of artificial intelligence, the lawyer must be able to improve client service which increasingly demands greater immediacy.

3. Establishing a business strategy

The independent lawyer, at the end of the day, is still an entrepreneur and therefore, the business strategy should not be left aside. For a good planning you should identify all the costs of the firm and thus know what you can or should invest in the future, and in case it does not serve, eliminate it. Once all of the above has been analyzed, it is advisableto establish medium- or long-term goals to examine areas for improvement.

4. Inform the customer

In relation to the business strategy, we must foresee the tasks to be performed by determining who will do what and for how long. In this way we will be able to better serve the customer, informing him of the evolution of his case, thus favoring his satisfaction and repeat purchase.

5. Social networks

Social networks can stand out as the most forgotten, or in the case of using them, they are not used in the right way obtaining negative results. Therefore, it will depend on the client’s profile, the firm, its objectives and involvement. In other words, social networks are extremely beneficial, as long as time is invested and quality content related to the profession is shared.

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