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Self-employead measures COVID-19

Lawyou — miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2021

After the publication in the BOE of the last Real Decree Law approved by the Government of Spain to alleviate the serious consequences of the pandemic of the coronavirus Covid-19 and the drastic measures adopted for its containment imposed by the Real Decreto 463/2020, of March 14 declaring the state of alarm, we intend to offer the self-employed a vision of some of the most important measures, a guide that we call, autonomous measures.

The telework and digital environment (art. 5 RDL).

This consideration of telework as a suitable organizational system must be connected with the obligation of the employer to ensure the safety and health of workers in their service in all aspects related to work (art. 14 of the Law on prevention of occupational hazards), having to deploy all necessary measures for compliance.

Cessation of activity benefit (art. 17 RDL).

This measure is contemplated for self-employed workers (self-employed) whose activityhas been suspended by the measures adopted in the royal decree declaring the state of alarm or who have suffered a fall in income (turnover) of at least 75%with respect to the average turnover of the previous six-month period.

Right of withdrawal of consumers (art. 21 RDL).

It is decreed the exceptional measure of interruption of the deadlines for the return of products purchased by any modality, face-to-face or on-line.

Line of guarantees (art. 29 RDL).
Financing is facilitated through a line of guarantees on behalf of the State of up to 100,000 million euros, covering both the renewal of loans and new financing.

Tax debts (art. 33 RDL).

The deadlines for payment are made more flexible, both in voluntary period and in the enforcement period, as well as the payment derived from deferral and fractionation agreements.

Contest of creditors (art. 43 RDL).

The Royal Decree Law interrupts the term established in Law 22/2003, of July 9, Concursal so that the debtor who is in a state of insolvency does not have the duty to request the declaration of insolvency.

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