New professionals. Lawyers and Millennials

Lawyou — viernes, 26 de febrero de 2021

Today at LAWYOU we want to talk to you about the millennials or «Generation Y», which is represented by those born between the 1980s and 1995 (currently between 20 and 35 years old) who represent 20% of the world’s population.

This generation has new values, specific living and consumption habits, as a result of which, their attitudes and expectations regarding work have changed.

What characterizes them?

They are characterized by education, global vision, autonomy, creativity and technological know-how. However, this generation that has practically never lived without the Internet demands immediacy and short-term motivation, which can be detrimental in long-term projects.

What professional profile do they offer?

The main premise of this generation is «work to live, not live to work». They demand from law firms conciliation with family life, encourage work happiness and promote efficiency and not the quota of hours, which distances them from the clichés of the legal sector.

LAWYOU experts point out that traditional law firms are stuck in a hierarchical structure that is unattractive to this generation, which demands a horizontal structure that encourages collaboration and where they can feel heard, even by older partners.

What are they looking for in a firm?

As we have mentioned their aspirations are different, when choosing a law firm they give importance to the human factor, to be surrounded by inspiring and supportive people, who give them the confidence to ask questions without fear. This is based on the fact that they are interested in learning and progressing, they want to be able to be respected and feel proud of their work. Other issues in which traditional firms lag behind are having a work-life balance plan or flexibility at work and having a goal beyond profit, an activity that contributes to the community, such as «pro bono» practice.

Therefore, they are looking for a firm where they can grow as legal professionals and as individuals.

What can they bring to the profession?

LAWYOU lawyers believe that millennials are set to be great professionals.

This is because they are curious, so they make informed decisions, which in the face of the legal profession is very positive. Likewise, more than the recognition of the firm, they are looking for a value proposition to which they can contribute, which can contribute very positively to the development of the brand. They also attach great importance to the credibility of the brands, that they can trust what they sell.

In addition, one of the characteristic features is that they are not afraid to give their opinion, so if they are listened to, they get involved and take part in the project, contributing all their collaboration and creativity. As long as they are taken into consideration, they are great workers, for whom it is not enough to achieve a great result, but they emphasize the importance of the process.

Consequently, LAWYOU experts stress that large firms must start preparing for these non-conformists and innovators, to be able not only to attract talent, but also to be able to retain and motivate the next generation.

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