New labor scenario. Networking and advocacy

Lawyou — viernes, 26 de febrero de 2021

Law and society have always gone hand in hand, lawyers have been adapting to the needs of the changing society.
Therefore, today from LAWYOU we want to talk about networking as a key tool in the development of the profession in an increasingly competitive market.

What does networking offer us?

Networking is intended to enhance relationships at a professional level, which can facilitate work, through the exchange of knowledge, information, projects, business, products….

There are many different ways of networking, such as attending events and activities dedicated to it. Although nowadays, thanks to digitalization, the possibilities and formats of networking have increased significantly: social networks, webinars, forums…

How does LAWYOU take advantage of networking?

First and foremost, before we begin, we must set the objectives we are pursuing through networking. To do this, we must be able to set realistic goals that motivate us to strive to achieve them, starting with the choice of appropriate formats.

In the case of LAWYOU one of the main objectives of networking is the generation of dynamic knowledge. For this purpose, we periodically organize webinars where lawyers share their knowledge with the rest of the lawyers belonging to the firm.

The lawyers at LAWYOU point out that this is a quick way to keep their knowledge up to date, as well as to identify potential collaborators for their matters.

Another aspect they highlight is that it is particularly easy to maintain contact and consolidate the relationship through the exchange of useful information, which helps to promote themselves among other professionals with whom they initially had no contact.

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