Mobility and law offices

Lawyou — viernes, 26 de febrero de 2021

Due to the prevailing transformation in digitization and technological innovation in the legal field, it is essential that lawyers are up to date

The new communication tools that are presented to us to obtain greater profitability and efficiency in the services we offer.From LAWYOU we want to highlight the great support that these can bring us, both internally and to improve the customer experience.

What do we mean by mobility?

Currently, far from understanding labor mobility as moving from one physical workplace to another, mobility in law firms is closely related to flexibility. This flexibility means that it is not necessary for the Lawyer to be anchored in his Office and, therefore, outside of it, allows him to work from a mobile device. This is achieved through the use of electronic devices, which provide a much wider market scope than the traditional model. For this reason, LAWYOU emphasizes the importance of online management, in addition to having a wide network of collaboration with lawyers throughout Spain.

What are the benefits?

One of the benefits that should be highlighted is the possibility that the professional has to manage his own time, taking advantage of the efficiency and cost reduction that current tools and devices provide us.

In addition, at LAWYOU we emphasize the importance of the connection that devices provide since it exponentially improves the customer’s experience, who generally needs to get answers quickly. Especially when we have devices connected to each other, that is, if our phone and our computer are connected to the same storage place in the cloud we can access, modify and send those documents at any time.

How does LAWYOU apply it?

Mobility and flexibility have been gaining extraordinary importance, so from LAWYOU we encourage non-face-to-face communication and archiving of documentation in the cloud. This is due to the fact that the nature of legal advice does not require being anchored to an office, but, in many cases, it is the lawyer himself who goes to the place where the client is to make the consultation or legal advice (as in the case of prisoners) and, for this, it is necessary that the lawyer has an electronic device in which to store all the information relating to the client in question.

Likewise, we cannot forget the new technologies and their effect on client service. Being connected allows us to provide online or telephone attention or even have the client send us documents, with the consequent savings in time and efficiency.

The attention that we lawyers provide will always depend on the client’s will, and he/she can choose to opt for a service based on technology or not.

LAWYOU is a law firm that helps independent law firms with the purpose of helping you to take advantage of your potential as a professional. It is not about investing in big things, but to make the most of small things to achieve the growth of our Firm and, for this, it is necessary to internalize a change of model and innovate. The mobility of Law Firms is a way in which we can make our Firm grow.

At LAWYOU we believe that technology is what will generate the growth of law firms through the industrialization of processes, which will allow us to get closer to our clients and thus obtain a more efficient service.

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