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Male violence

Lawyou — miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2021

March 8 is the International Women’s Day, and at Lawyou we are campaigning on violence against women with a series of articles. In this fourth one we will review what happens if we report a case of male violence. You can see the other publications in this page.


Last week, we learned the figures of deaths due to gender violence and we listed a series of situations for you to consider if you felt identified with any of them. With one purpose, to identify and put a name to gender violence.

In Lawyou we want to speak out about gender violence and its reality, for all women who still suffer in silence and for all those who have lost their lives. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive accompaniment to those women who are victims of gender violence.

Any kind of mistreatment

Gender violence is not only evidenced by physical abuse, with marks and injuries, with behaviors repeated over time, but it can also be a punctual act, an abuse that leaves no sign, or invisible abuse. That which is not perceptible to the eyes of the world and can only be perceived by the woman who suffers it, we are talking about psychological abuse, that which leaves a mark but does not leave any external mark.

And that abuse does not understand age, as there are adolescent victims, women over 30, 35, 40, 60… and it can also occur within marriage, as within a domestic partnership, as in a dating relationship, whether or not cohabitation.


Surely, you are wondering that, if it were so easy to report, why all those women who died at the hands of their husbands/partners/boyfriends had not filed a complaint, or why many complaints filed do not end with a conviction?

Last week, in relation to the previous publication, Maria (fictitious name) told me that she hoped that the victims would become aware and report, because she had gone to testify as a witness for an assault by a man on a woman who was a couple and, finally, the victim did not want to testify. This is something that happens frequently, we explain why. The Criminal Procedure Law provides in article 416, that the victim can take exemption from testifying (that is, she does not have the obligation to testify), against her aggressor, if the facts occurred while they were a couple. This is the answer to the previous question posed, why many of the reported cases end without conviction of the aggressor.


You have probably heard about the re-victimization of the victim, during the judicial procedure when she is questioned once she has taken the step to denounce.

Therefore, the woman may end up being victimized twice, by reproducing before the judicial body that episode of abuse and being questioned by the system.

This is what we intend to avoid from Lawyou, since in that way, the woman victim of gender violence deserves and needs all the understanding and support.

If you have identified with any of the blogs we have shared, but do not know what steps to take, explain your case, we will accompany you and advise you on the steps to take to end the situation of violence. Because you must be accompanied from the beginning, from before going to the police station to file a complaint.

Do you need legal advice?

In Lawyou we have a professional team specialized in Gender Violence and sexual harassment in the workplace and in other areas with more than 20 years of experience and with attention throughout the national territory and with extensive experience in cases won in this type of cases.

Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your case through our email or, if you prefer, you can also call us on 602 226 895.

Cristina González Raigón

Abogada Lawyou

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