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Lawyou — viernes, 26 de febrero de 2021

A week ago LAWYOU gave an interview to Expansión, where two of the partners, Javier Segura Díaz de Espada and Andoni García Imaz, were able to explain what LAWYOU is and what it pursues in a context of transformation of the legal world.

Below we publish the interview in its entirety.

«LThe promoters of Lawyou believe that this formula allows single-person law firms to solve numerous problems that in many cases they cannot solve in an optimal way:

The Lawyou firm was born from the association of 25 single-person firms spread throughout Spain, currently in Madrid, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Oviedo. So says Javier Segura, partner promoter of the firm together with Andoni García Imaz. The objective of the already 25 partners is to reach 50 as soon as possible.

Lawyou offers professional and technological support to single-person firms throughout Spain to offer their clients a more complete service, since the entry of each firm adds practice areas and more knowledge that each one can offer to their respective clients.

Segura and García Imaz, lawyers and promoters of Lawyou, believe that this formula allows single-person firms to solve numerous problems that in many cases cannot be solved optimally: centralizing the firm’s management, collections, billing, the sharing of technical problems, the community of knowledge, communication with clients, the consolidation of the image as a professional or economies of scale, among others. Thanks to technology, all this can be done better.

It is a «law firm for lawyers,» explains Segura. García Imaz specifies: «We start from our experiences as independent lawyers and we know the situation in which this group finds itself in view of the change in the business model that is going to take place.

Each firm holds 0.5% of the share capital. The rest, the partners«.

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