Lawyou at the National Lawyers’ Congress

Lawyou — jueves, 25 de febrero de 2021

National Congress of the Legal Profession in Valladolid


Changes in the legal sector

Something is changing… And that’s why… on May 8 Lawyou Law Firm will be at the National Congress of Lawyers, representing the most influential legaltech of 2019 to inform and raise awareness of the independent lawyer that the new times require a change in the business model in the legal sector.

Lawyou is a different kind of independent law firm. Our goal is to be a large firm that provides its partners with the advantages of a large firm without losing its independence. Advantages that will allow our partners to develop their own firm with more advantages than their competitors and adapt to the changing legal sector better. And for this, it is important to add is important and that is why we are incorporating partners and collaborators to our office.

And what advantages are we talking about?

Brand, resources, having means and technology to improve and reduce time and improve results, a centralized administrative management of the case, an application to improve the management of the case and communication with the client, support from colleagues in the office for questions, possibility of referral, to receive matters, to have a solution to health problems or lack of time, to have greater dissemination of success stories or legal articles by our communication department, and so a whole range of possibilities, in short, what a large traditional office has without losing independence.

Expansion and growth

We are all over Spain, we have been in business for 1 year, we are already 32 lawyers partners and 80 collaborating lawyers.

Do you want to be with us at the Congress?

We will be waiting for you there… You can give us your contact details so we can contact you in this link:

Or you can call us or send us an email…

📱602 226 895 📧

We will show how belonging to this great firm you can be prepared for the new needs of clients, technological changes and the continuous legal transformation that is emerging and the one that is coming. All these new circumstances and those to come, make it necessary a model that brings together, that adds up, because adding up adds up, a model that respecting your independence and based on trust adds strength to your office.

We look forward to seeing you on May 8 at the National Congress of Lawyers in Valladolid.

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