Lawyers; reluctant to innovate?

Lawyou — viernes, 26 de febrero de 2021

On May 18, LAWYOU had the opportunity to attend the I International Legaltech and Legal Startups Congress in Spain, to learn and share knowledge on the use of technology and innovation in the legal field to provide a better service.

Within the various ideas that were shared, both at the event, and in social networks, from LAWYOU we warned that uses was often repeated: «The legal sector is reluctant to innovation».

In relation to this idea, the first question that arises is: How do we understand innovation?

When talking about innovation in law firms, we tend to think about what a particular firm needs, concluding that innovation is only possible for large firms.

It is true that the legal profession is a very heterogeneous sector and has diverse profiles in terms of size; however, all professionals or firms have one thing in common: management. All law firms, regardless of their size, have to deal with billing, customer service and loyalty, office structure, promotion of services, branding, …

From LAWYOU we consider that the possibility of innovating in the management of the offices is wide and this allows us to prosper in the development of our profession and we understand it as an alternative for all. From LAWYOU we can accompany you in improving your personal brand, in designing the client experience, in implementing economies of scale, in facilitating the collection, talent and much more.

LAWYOU makes it easier for you to become a lawyer of the XXI century, a prepared professional, connected, with a vocation for the client, able to collaborate and without losing the inherited values.

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