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Lawyou — viernes, 26 de febrero de 2021

E-commerce in Spain has invoiced 25% more than last year.

According to CNMC, 44% of sales are made on Spanish websites and 93% are made from Spain to foreign countries.
According to the CNMC, 44% of purchases and sales are made on Spanish websites and 93% are made from Spain to foreign countries.

These figures show that the information society has experienced great growth thanks to the incessant production in e-commerce.

The e-commerce is closely linked to the digital economy, becoming the activity with more expectations for the future, for which public institutions must ensure the rights of consumers and users of these services, with the aim of guaranteeing them protection during online shopping.

These rights are set out in the Practical Guide to Safe Internet Shopping, with the recommendations offered by the Spanish Data Protection Agency, INCIBE, AECOSAN and the National Police to prosecute criminal practices.

This Guide promotes the practice of online shoppingrespecting the personal data, rights and security of consumers and users when surfing the Internet to make these purchases, promoting a relationship of trust.

The addressees of this Guide are consumers and users, understood as both the individual citizen and the companies that use this online purchase to obtain a competitive advantage in order to achieve the growth of their company.

This Guide includes what to take into account before buying, during the purchase and after making the purchase, and also devotes one of its sections to the possibility of making a complaint in the event that any regulation has been breached.

In consumer matters, the competent bodies will act when the general regulations for the defense of consumers and users are not complied with, but they may also intervene in relation to companies based in other Member States of the European Union through the European Consumer Center.

If the complaint is about personal data protection, the competent body is the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD), filing the complaint electronically.

When can you go to the Spanish and European authorities?

Until May 24, 2018, if the consumer and user is in Spain or has any establishment in Spain, Spanish law will apply, but if he/she is neither based in Spain nor in any other State of the European Union, the AEPD will only be competent to act on data protection matters when using means located in Spain.

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Source: Spanish Data Protection Agency.

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