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What is client orientation

The great impact that technology has generated in our society has caused an evolution of the legal services market. This evolution can be seen in the fact that, among other things, it has become an environment governed by high competitiveness.

And it is in this competitiveness, where as providers of legal services, the lawyer (understood as the professional who provides these services independently or in an office) must seek to satisfy the interests of the client, and ensure that the client considers that the services are provided in a better way than other competitors.

And it is here where client orientation comes into play; understood as a business strategy that seeks to put the client at the center of it; seeking to detect and satisfy the needs of the clients in a constant and continuous way.

Another aspect of the way in which client orientation is embodied in a law firm is the client service protocol, which establishes the rules of conduct that the firm’s personnel must comply with in order to satisfy the needs of the clients, through the different means or channels that they can use to communicate and/or contact the firm.

How is it configured in the legal sector? What do independent lawyers/small law firms do in this regard?

Law firms should include within their tasks the client service protocol to, among other things, know the satisfaction of the service provided by themselves; aspect that we know is not very common among law firms, among other things, due to the lack of time available for it.

By including a protocol, and obviously executing and reviewing it periodically to improve it, lawyers would demonstrate to clients a certain interest in the service provided to them, and their level of satisfaction with the service provided.

Such an action protocol is a tool by which lawyers can know whether clients are really satisfied with the service received and whether their work has been efficient, as well as how to improve the service provided in order to make it more effective.

From another more business and strategic point of view, the performance protocol will contribute to the increase of the lawyer’s own business by acquiring, among other things, more orders from recommended clients; in short, it is a good instrument to increase and maintain the quality of the legal service provided by the lawyer in which the client is not only asked about the service, but also about the treatment received and concerns. The purpose of this protocol is that it serves as a way to improve the service provided.

What happens if there is no client orientation?

Not having customer orientation, or doing it in an intuitive and non-proceduralized way, will result in reduced customer satisfaction, and consequently, in them distancing themselves from the professional, with all the consequences that this entails.

On the contrary, using the right tools will allow us to get closer to our customer, to know their needs, to know the perception of the service they have consumed, as well as to be able to contract new services in the future.

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