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Questions and answers.

Can I invest without belonging to the Firm?
Yes. You will be able to contact the administrators who will value your request to participate as a member.

How is subcontracting regulated?
The subcontracting is defined within the operating rules of the Dispatch. The rules are approved by the lawyers that belong to the Firm.

Who issues the invoice?
Each lawyer, but billing and collection management LAWYOU.

Why me?
-We have established criteria for the selection of shareholders, prestigious lawyers.
-We’re looking for the best independent lawyers.

Can I leave the Office?
Yes. There are rules to regulate this type of situation and others that may happen.

Am I obliged to put the Dispatch mark?
No. It’s your decision, there are some tips for use.

Who are already Lawyou members?
All that we are and want to give visibility will be on the Web www.lawyoulegal.com

Can I participate in the work team?
Yes. There are forums with the founding partners so that we all participate in the development.

Is there a lawyer by specialty?
No. We hope there are lawyers of all specialties and in almost all cities in Spain.

How are decisions going to be made?
The company has government areas responsible for these issues, where lawyers are a majority percentage.

How is it regulated when we share a case?
It is included in the rules of operation of the Office. Regulation of commissions.

Who distributes the cases that enter through the Web?
I distribute Lawyou equally so that everyone has the same opportunities.