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Second Chance Law Vigo

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Specialized second chance law lawyers in Vigo

Jorge Manuel Viturro Barreiro
Jorge Manuel Viturro Barreiro

Extensive experience in Banking Law and complex investment products. Advice on companies' internationalization.

sergio gayoso merino
Sergio Gayoso Merino

Procedural Lawyer expert in Civil and Commercial Law. I am highly specialized in Commercial Law and more specifically in the area of contracts. This has allowed me to acquire expertise with a very practical approach. I have a great vocation of service to companies, since for me the lawyer's role is fundamental as a key element for companies to move forward and evolve. In this sense, I believe that in the future an area of advice that will have more and more prominence is legal compliance, which offers companies a preventive function in the face of the regulation proliferation in different fields of the economy.

lawyer-Gilberto Maire
Gilberto Maire

More than 22 years practicing law with passion, dedication and enjoying the clients' full confidence. With special emphasis on continuous training and extensive experience, particularly in Civil and Criminal Procedural Law, Bankruptcy Law, Second Chance Law, and Banking and Consumer Law.

Lawyer Álvaro Arnanz Bartolomé
Álvaro Arnanz Bartolomé

I am a hard-working, tough and ambitious lawyer, but I am not greedy. I learn from every situation, although sometimes late and although I don't like to be criticized, if it is reasonable, I take it into consideration and value it. And most importantly, it serves me for future times and to strengthen my way of being. A touch of attention and discipline strengthens in the long run, even if at the time it causes resentment.

Gael Gonzalez Allona

Lawyer specializing in consumer law, banking, financial, obligations and contracts, sports.Address: Santa Caterina 45.3-1. City of Igualada. CP 08700 Barcelona.

Second Chance Law Vigo

The Second Chance Law, like the Bankruptcy Law, is part of the legislation based on ethics. Its purpose is to rescue a person from a debt situation that is not possible for him/her to cope with, while also seeking to protect the right of creditors to collect their debt. Therefore, this law serves two purposes at the same time, so we can say that it fulfills a double function.

Get your life back, you deserve a second chance.

If you want to know more about the second chance

What is the Second Chance Law?

In these turbulent times not only has enacted health standards also and many that we can generalize as economic standards let’s talk about the law 252015 of July 28 of the mechanism of second chance, reduction of the financial burden and other measures of social character, which is known as the law of the second.

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Requirements for the Second Chance
In these turbulent times not only health regulations have been enacted but also many that we can generalize as economic regulations, let’s talk about the law 252015 of July 28 of the second chance mechanism, reduction of the financial burden and other measures of social character, which is known as the law of the second chance.

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Guide to the second chance law

When debts burden an individual, a company or a self-employed person, there is the possibility of benefiting from a measure that helps them to overcome this situation through a partial cancellation of their debts, without prejudice to the rights of creditors.

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If you want to know the documents you need to cancel your debts and take advantage of the second chance.

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*Note 07.05.2020: Lawyou informs that the publication today in the BOE of the revised text of the insolvency law generates uncertainty about the granting of the benefit of the exemption of public credit in the framework of the second chance procedure. However, there is an important current of jurists specialized in insolvency law who consider its possible concession under the protection of the grounds of STS No. 381/2019 dated July 2, 2019.