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Lawyers in Pozuelo de Alarcon

Lawyou Legal has Lawyers in Pozuelo de Alarcon in the community of Madrid we are a law office formed by professionals specialized in different law fields.

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Lawyou Lawyers in Pozuelo de Alarcon

I am a lawyer specialized in Local Administrative Law, Local Taxation (local taxes), Patrimonial Liability and Transport Law, with specialized advice to individuals and companies in the field of Administrative Law.

Procedural Lawyer expert in Civil and Commercial Law. I am highly specialized in Commercial Law and more specifically in the area of contracts. This has allowed me to acquire expertise with a very practical approach. I have a great vocation of service to companies, since for me the lawyer’s role is fundamental as a key element for companies to move forward and evolve. In this sense, I believe that in the future an area of advice that will have more and more prominence is legal compliance, which offers companies a preventive function in the face of the proliferation of regulations in different areas of the economy.

Currently lawyer and insolvency administrator specialized in 1- Resolution of complex conflicts. 2- Procedural planning and strategy. 3- Bankruptcy law and BEPI 4- Intellectual and Industrial Property. 5- Leases and horizontal property. Possessory incidents. In general, with an intense experience in courts, that is to say, a lot of procedural and litigation. I have lived for years in Belgium and USA and worked in international law firms so we can work in English and French.

I am a lawyer specialized in Civil Law with a great capacity to adapt to clients, due to my wide experience in a diverse range of matters (obligations and contracts, banking, real estate, civil liability, etc.). I would like to highlight my great enthusiasm for dealing with the litigation that is brought to me and always try to find ways to build loyalty and empathize with clients.

I am a lawyer with extensive experience and litigation vocation. My specialization in Criminal and Civil Law, as well as my participation in the Public Defender’s Office throughout its trajectory, have provided me with a solid practical profile. This aspect is complemented by my experience as a teacher of the Master of Access to the Legal Profession and in courses given by the Professional Associations, which undoubtedly gives me an added value in the knowledge of the legal sector.

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Lawyou Legal Lawyers' Office
Lawyou Legal Lawyers' Office

Lawyers' Office in Pozuelo de Alarcón

Lawyou is a law office you can trust with professionals in Pozuelo de Alarcon. Our lawyers, who are distributed throughout the country, are experts in different law fields and collaborate with each other to provide the best service to their clients.