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Lawyers Ciudad Real

Lawyou has lawyers in Ciudad Real, a lawyers' office created by professionals specialized in different law fields.

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The lawyer will propose a defense strategy for your case, preparing a report with the requests to be carried out.

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The lawyer will execute the defense strategy, in the judicial area or, extra judicially as convenient.

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Lawyers Ciudad Real

antonio almarza lawyer

Antonio Jesús Almarza García Lawyer

Specialist in Criminal Law. Administrative sanctioning law. Juvenile law. Civil and commercial law. Online dispute resolution ODR.

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Lawyou Lawyer Javier Segura Diaz

Our Lawyers' Office Ciudad Real

Lawyoulegal is an indepent Lawyers’ Office that has professionals in Ciudad Real. Our lawyers, who are distributed throughout the country, are experts in different law fields and collaborate with each other to provide the best service to their clients.

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Success Cases
Charged with criminal assault

Accused of the crime of injury, he stated from the outset that he accepted his responsibility for having slapped the complainant, but that he had no involvement in any other act. The sentence confirmed this.

Charged with authority resistance

Charged with resisting arrest, the judge dismissed his case and ordered that the officers who arrested him be prosecuted, which led to a subsequent oral trial. He was not convicted, but according to what he told me he did not care about that.

Prostitution Case

Accused of inducement to prostitution and a crime against workers’ rights, he was remanded in custody and at the end of the trial, and even before the sentence was announced, I learned of his acquittal and release when I met him in the street and heard the news.

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