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Lawyers Specialized in Labor Rights in Madrid


Lawyer specialized in Civil Law who has a great capacity of adaptation to the clients, due to my wide experience in a wide range of matters (obligations and contracts, banking, real estate, civil responsibility, etc.). I would like to emphasize my great enthusiasm to deal with the litigations that I am faced with and to try at all times to find ways to build up client loyalty and empathy.


Specialized lawyer in the criminal, civil, minor and social fields.

David Martinez Guardia Lawyer specialized in litigation

Specialized lawyer in litigations against the administration (liability, selective processes, sanctions, contracts) and labor law (dismissals, disabilities, quantity claims). Dual experience in labor law, having worked as a company and union lawyer (workers); as well as in administrative law as a public employee and professional lawyer in this law field.

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Obtaining absolute permanent disability for self-employed workers

The judge upheld the claim for absolute permanent disability of a self-employed worker who had significant physical and psychological sequelae after a traffic accident, which led to several attempts at self-harm.

Combination of temporary contracts with different formal employers

Unity theory essential to the contractual relationship. The court upholds the unjustified dismissal of the last employer with the corresponding indemnity for services rendered since the first hiring and recognition of the full time instead of part-time work that appeared in the employment contract.