Information Security in Law Offices

Lawyou — viernes, 26 de febrero de 2021

What is meant by information security?
Information security is a set of preventive and defensive measures for organizations and technological and computer systems that safeguard and protect all the organization’s information. Seeking to maintain confidentiality, availability and integrity of data and the same.

The definition itself marks the three fundamental aspects to be taken into account when talking about information security:


  • Confidentiality, understood as meaning that the information can only be accessed by previously authorized persons.
  • Availability, which means that the information can be accessed by authorized persons at the moment they decide to access it.
  • The integrity, understood as that the information is complete, and this completeness should be understood in a broad sense, as that the information has not been altered or modified.

Why is security important in a law firm?

The importance of it is evident, not only by the fact that it is about protecting one of the most important assets that a law firm has, which is the information related to its clients, but also by the fact that aspects related to the professional prestige and reputation of the lawyer will be protected.

The development of technology has increased the risks that can affect the security of information. In recent times, we have been able to witness security-related incidents.

It is not only suffered by law firms but also by companies and public administrations, as has been the case of the WannaCry malware, the ransomware attack on Telefónica, among others.

In Lawyou these aspects are taken into account, carrying out recommendations related to cybersecurity to our lawyers and taking care of it continuously; considering it a key aspect in our business strategy, and integrating it into broader processes of the organization, and so by extension that it can be an asset in the lawyer’s business.

Lawyers at LAWYOU will help you.

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