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Lawyou — viernes, 26 de febrero de 2021

Advertising practices managed by the legal profession have been controversial.
Historically, it has been a field full of restrictions, although it seems that every time the requirements regarding advertising and in favor of free competition are softening a little more.

Therefore, we must not miss the competitive opportunity that advertising offers us.Due to the prevailing change nowadays, law firm advertising is becoming very relevant and intense.

The abundance of social networks is becoming the new instruments of dissemination of all kinds of news and even services, reaching a greater effectiveness than traditional methods.

Where can a lawyer advertise?

It is evident that, nowadays, any type of client will look for a need on the Internet, either for the purchase of an article or the contracting of services. Therefore, Internet advertising offers a great advantage compared to other traditional means of advertising that tended to be more expensive and ineffective.

Faced with the market technique, it is advisable to focus on web positioning, regular newsletters, legal blogs, and the various social networks that allow the visibility of the firm. Moreover, all these tools can be interconnected, synergistically, so that with a smaller investment, greater impact can be created.

How can a lawyer advertise?

So, we will have to decide which tools we want to use and configure them so that we have mechanisms that attract attention and interest to our website and that once there transmits an image of trust that increases their desire to hire you and that closes the process.

In the same way, we will have to take into consideration the point from which we start and the objectives we intend to achieve. If you have not yet started advertising on the Internet, it is undoubtedly necessary to start with the positioning on the network, since for many consumers what is not on Google, does not exist.

Therefore, the firm’s website will be of special importance. It will depend on us and the work we put into it, whether it will be a powerful tool or just another website lost on the Internet.

The General Council of the Spanish Bar has published the Report No. 8/2013, regarding the advertising of legal services by the legal profession, which aims to further deepen this tool recently modified due to the proliferation in the use of the Internet and create a system that ensures a good public service of justice.

What are potential clients looking for?

The vast majority of the public attracted through the Internet is not directly seeking to hire the services of a lawyer. First of all, they will look for information related to their problem, so having a blog with current topics and attractive statements will be key to capture their attention.

Once you have reached the information related to the issue you are concerned about, if it solves at least partially your doubts, it is very likely that you will contact us.

In any case, it is impossible to be sure that the use of the tools mentioned above will create a flow of clients. However, a law firm with a website, blog and presence in several social networks will have more chances of being contacted than one that only has a website and a simple contact form.

In addition, the presence in social networks and information on current problems will provide an image of closeness and concern for the problems present in society, which will result in a more relaxed and confident client in their choice of lawyer.

Do you need advice?.

In LAWYOU, we take care of key aspects in the marketing of the legal services provided by our lawyers; not only taking into account advertising, conceptualized as a strategy to be carried out for the dissemination of the services provided by lawyers, but key aspects today as the customer experience in the digital environment as a consumer of services.

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