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I am a lawyer specialized in civil and criminal law, especially in the area of minors.


I am a lawyer specialized in Civil Law who has a great ability to adapt to clients, due to my wide experience in a wide field (obligations and contracts, banking, real estate, civil liability, etc.). I would like to emphasize my great enthusiasm for tackling the litigation that I am faced with and trying at all times to find ways to build customer loyalty and empathy.

Gustavo García Tabares

I am a lawyer with extensive experience and litigation vocation. My specialization in Criminal and Civil Law, as well as my participation in the Public Defender's Office throughout its trajectory, have provided me with a solid practical profile. This aspect is complemented by my experience as a teacher of the Master of Access to the Legal Profession and in courses given by the Professional Associations, which undoubtedly gives me an added value in the knowledge of the legal sector.

Carlos Delgado Cañizares Lawyer

Specialized in Military Law, State Security Forces and Corps and Autonomous and local police, with a clear vocation to provide services throughout the national territory, responding to the growing need for an increasingly specialized legal service focused on the client.


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Criminal law lawyers in Madrid

Success Stories
The criminal environment of minors

I defended several minors accused of committing a severe crime, the defendants were acquitted in the first and second instance because the witnesses incurred in numerous contradictions along with the contradictory versions of the victim herself.

Criminal Law field

As a lawyer for a victim of a crime against sexual freedom, I participated in the process as a private prosecutor, obtaining a conviction for sexual assault and the corresponding compensation, as opposed to an initial charge of abuse

Criminal Law Iberia

Direction of criminal proceedings and judicial settlement of the Ramón Melendi case, in the Iberia matter, when the plane had to turn around already in the ocean to return to Madrid as a result of the incidents that occurred inside the plane.

Jury procedure

I have led several criminal trials with jury, having been especially marked by one in which I exercised private prosecution on behalf of the parents of a girl abducted and murdered in Madrid. The bond with the father was so strong that it ended in a great friendship.