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The best Criminal Law Lawyers in Alicante


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Specialized Criminal Law Lawyers in Valencia

Carlos Delgado Cañizares Lawyer

Specialized in Military Law, State Security Forces and Corps and Autonomous and local police, with a clear vocation to provide services throughout the national territory, responding to the growing need for an increasingly specialized legal service focused on the client.

abogado-José Manuel Sánchez Berenguer

Specialized in Criminal Law, I am interested in constant training, in being updated, acquiring new skills, or perfecting the ones I might have.

Manager and head of a multidisciplinary law firm with twenty-one years of experience in professional practice, prior to the competitive examinations for the judiciary, public prosecutor and state attorney, a fundamental basis of knowledge in the exercise of my activity.

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Specialized criminal law lawyers in Alicante

Success Stories

Criminal law is justice prayed for, justice proven. Criminal proceedings are supported by evidence in the investigative phase and experience tells me that a well-founded and proven prosecution and defense determines the desired outcome.  – Sentence defense of a DEFENDANT FOR DRUG TRAFFICKING TO 12 YEARS IN PRISON. Acquittal. – Judgments


12 civil guardsmen acquitted in AP Las Palmas for illegal detention (as substitute counsel)

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