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Get your life back, you deserve a second chance.

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Access a new life.

Get your life back, you deserve a second chance.

We can help you

Access a new life.

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How does second chance law works?

Out-of-court settlement
Promote an attempt to reach an out-of-court payment agreement at the Notary's Office or at the Commercial Registry, according to the requirements of the individual or self-employed person, and if an agreement is reached with the creditors at the out-of-court stage, the process ends with the agreement and its fulfillment.
If there is no agreement, what happens?
It initiates the management of a judicial proceeding of concurso de crededores in which the assets are liquidated if any and with the liquidation the creditors are paid.
CANNOT cover all debts?
Debts that could not be paid through the liquidation process established in the Law may be forgiven provided that the debtor meets certain objective requirements.The Benefit of exoneration of Unsatisfied Liabilities, the novelty of this law, is executed.
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We are a law firm to give you peace of mind.
We globally analyze your case to adapt it to your circumstances.
We speak clearly with a budget in order not to have surprises in the process and costs.
Ease of payment to not to increase the problem.

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  • Lola pays off 122.969€ with Lawyou and the Second Chance Law.

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The Second Chance Law (Royal Decree-Law 1/2015, of February 27) may be the solution for those who cannot regularly meet their enforceable obligations, i.e. who are in a critical and irreversible situation. 

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*Note 07.05.2020: Lawyou informs that the publication today in the BOE of the revised text of the insolvency law generates uncertainty about the granting of the benefit of the exemption of public credit in the framework of the second chance procedure. However, there is an important current of jurists specialized in insolvency law that consider its possible concession under the protection of the grounds of STS No. 381/2019 dated July 2, 2019.

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