Find out in 3 minutes if you are overpaying for the IRPH of your mortgage

What is IRPH?

It is a variable index that began to be applied in mortgage loans in 1994, as an alternative to Euribor. It is the second most used indicator in these credits and its introduction was due to the desire for a new reference to protect customers from the oscillations of the financial markets… It incorporates Euribor plus a spread for variable mortgages, which has proven to be about 200€ per month higher than those granted with Euribor.

And adding to the more than 20 abusive clauses, already penalized, it turns out that 83% of the mortgages contain at least three clauses that you could claim; and that only with the IRPH add up to figures above 20.000€.

So… How do I know if my mortgage is affected by IRPH?

You need 3 minutes, 2 of which we will invest in remembering where the mortgage loan deed is. When you have it, look for it specifically in:

Third clause

Here reference is made to the reference index and to which index it is referenced. The IRPH is identified as «Índice de Referencia de Préstamo Hipotecario» or «average rate of mortgage loans over three years for the purchase of free housing of all credit institutions».

In the interests section

The index to which our loan is subject is also specified here, with the same nomenclature as above.

If you want to know if your mortgage is one of those affected by these abusive clauses, locate them and how much you have overpaid… we tell you.

We have found cases in which the clauses have added up to another 6.000€.

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