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Mecantile Rights Lawyers in Donostia

silvia marin palacios

Lawyer with 22 years of experience in legal advice: Commercial Law, Entrepreneurship and Audiovisual Law.

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Lawyers Specialized in Mercantile Rights in Donostia

What is Mercantile Rights about?

The mercantile rights is a special branch of private law that arose in the Middle Ages and whose purpose is to regulate the entrepreneur, the legal status of the entrepreneur and the particular business activity carried out by the latter in the market. Therefore, although it is also private law, it is important to distinguish it from civil law. Commercial law is composed of various matters, which have one thing in common: they regulate private relationships based on acts of commerce. These are some of the matters covered by this broad branch of law:

  • Legal status of the entrepreneur, including the regime of the company, commercial establishments, accounting, etc.
  • Competition law, which regulates free trade by establishing a series of prohibitions.
  • Intellectual property law, specifically copyright.
  • Company law, which regulates the different legal regimes of commercial companies, from their foundation to their dissolution, including structural modifications.
  • Commercial contracting law, which is responsible for regulating the different types of contracts that exist in this branch of law.
  • Insolvency law, which includes the set of rules regulating insolvency proceedings.

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