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Employment Lawyer in Seville

David Martinez Guardia Lawyer specialized in litigation

Dual experience in labor law, having worked as a company and syndicate lawyer (workers); as well as in administrative law as a public employee and professional lawyer in this law field.

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What is labor law?

Also called Labor rights is the set of rules that regulate the relationships that arise from the work activity.

It begins with the opening of the individual employment contract signed between the employer and the worker, through which all the obligations and rights that will be included in the employment relationship between the two parties are stipulated.

It is important to emphasize that when defending all workers’ rights, we find ourselves with the Syndicate Law, which marks the functioning of the collective associations for the defense of these.

Labor relations are connected to those established between workers, employers, the State, and labor and professional organizations.

The Labor law covers, apart from Syndicate Law, Social Security Law, a direct consequence of the employment relationship.

Understood as the body in charge of the workers’ protection, pensions, affiliations and contributions, absences from work, disability and dependence, health, etc. Those in charge of watching over the rights and obligations that arise from labor relationships, as well as the effective compliance with labor regulations, are the Social Courts.

At this point, becomes the protagonist the Labor Rights Law which is a tool used by our professionals to guarantee the rights and interests of all the actors involved in the labor field.


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