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¡Find the best lawyers specialized in Inheritance and Probate Law in Guipúzcoa (in Euskera and officially) Gipuzkoa)


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Lawyers specialized in Inheritances Gipuzkoa


Lawyer with more than 25 years of professional experience in probate law, one of his specialties.


I am a lawyer with a solid international background, who has an overview of the legal advisory market thanks to my financial and legal training. I advise both companies and individuals, predominantly from the Anglo-Saxon and Nordic world. Although I am comfortable in litigation, I feel most fulfilled when the parties reach a prior agreement. As for the future, I would like to go deeper into specialized advice on new technologies.


Specialized in legal advice in the field of credit insurance. This has allowed him to have a great expertise in commercial litigation, as well as in bankruptcy law. He holds a degree in Law from the University CEU San Pablo/Abat Oliba of Barcelona, a center affiliated to the University of Barcelona, as well as a Master's Degree in Business Law from the University of Navarra and a Specialist in Insolvency Law from the University of Deusto. His advice is oriented to consumer and banking law, as well as bankruptcy proceedings of second chance of individuals, as well as specializing in the field of liability of corporate administrators.

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Lawyer Specialized in Inheritances and Probate Gipuzkoa

What is inheritance law?

The inheritance law is the set of private law rules governing inheritance.

Inheritance succession begins at the time of death of a person and ends with the distribution of his assets among his heirs and/or legatees.

The difference between these two figures is that the heir succeeds in universal title, that is to say, he is subrogated to the position of the deceased, acquiring all his rights and obligations. However, the legatee succeeds in a private capacity, since he/she can only acquire specific assets or rights.

When a person dies, it may happen that he/she has left a will to regulate the distribution of his/her estate after his/her death, or it may happen that there is no will and we find ourselves before what is known as «intestate succession.»

If you encounter problems or doubts related to inheritance law and would like to obtain more information or make a more specific inquiry, do not hesitate to contact us.