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A prestigious independent law office.

The competitive environment forces us to constantly reinforce the collaborative links between professionals in the legal area, and therefore to orient our strategy towards competitiveness and efficiency not only technically but also in the relationship with our clients and therefore in their continuous satisfaction.

Lawyou Legal Lawyers' Office

LAWYOU in data

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Cases solved per year with national presence


Average years of experience

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Increase in the business area

Do any of these phrases sound familiar?/span>

• I am alone and it costs a lot to generate branding. The firms have better
– I don’t know how to sell.
– I don’t know how to budget.
– I don’t know how to budget.
– I have a hard time talking about money with the client.
– I have difficulty getting paid. Many times I don’t know how to collect.
– I do a lot of free consultations.

Why Lawyou?

Will it help me improve my positioning?

Undoubtedly, belonging to Lawyou will always facilitate and give us the opportunity to have references from a national or international client. Emphasizing the importance that we care about boosting your personal brand and you will have a national reach to capture a client that would be difficult to identify us alone.

Is it profitable?

Did you know that a freelance lawyer claims to work more than 60 hours a week?

Half of Spanish lawyers claim to spend more than 21% of their working day performing administrative tasksand the majority (80%) would prefer to perform matters other than purely administrative ones, during their working day

– Management all issues.

– Process improvement; Customer feedback.

– Billing on behalf of the attorney.

– Collection management and payment tracking.

– Management of non-payments.

– Knowledge sharing

– Information shared up to date

– Peer help in the legal process

– Document base in process

– Call reception.

– Secure document archiving.


Santiago Ron Crucelegui


"LAWYOU is a magnificent tool for lawyers insofar as it facilitates the practice of our profession by making us forget about the less legal aspects of our work and our Office.".

Vicente Peláez Pérez


"For the lawyers' work and role in society in general and for the client in particular, it constitutes an innovative way of working and relating, adapted to current times, foreseeing future times, but preserving the essence of this professional practice, its independence.".