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Lawyers Specialized in Family Dos Hermanas

Lawyer Ana Gandul

Ana Gandul Martínez

I like to be close to the client, and to be able to speak to them in a language with which they feel comfortable and understand all the procedures and times regarding the procedure.

José María Santos Garlitos

My job is to solve problems, not create them. I am hard-working and I am meticulously involved in every matter. I am a specialist in criminal, civil, inheritance, labor and family law.


Beatriz Ciprian Ansoalde

Lawyer committed and close to her clients, which together with the legal rigor in the study of the matter, make reach the most satisfactory solution for their clientsI am a family mediator (also health, mortgage, commercial and labor) and arbitrator, I have as special ability to communicate using legal reasoning, the logical one to which one the feeling to find a viable solution that satisfies the claims of customers.

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