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Specialized Lawyers in Criminal Law Ciudad Real

antonio almarza lawyer

Specialized lawyer in Criminal Law. Sanctioning administrative law. Minor's law. Civil and commercial law. ODR online dispute resolution.


I am a litigation lawyer, specialized in criminal law, banking and asset management. My multi-sectorial experience, related to the import and export of works of art, allows me to give the client complete and international solutions.

abogado-José Manuel Sánchez Berenguer

I am especially committed to those issues regarding the consumers' and users' defense. Every day a number of abuses are perpetrated against them, which on paper they should not have to endure, but which in practice are common. I am interested in constant training, in being updated, acquiring new skills, or perfecting those I may have. Usually, before litigating in court, I try to exploit the extrajudicial conflict resolution possibilities, since, if it is done properly, they can be interesting for the clients.

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What is Criminal Law about?

The criminal law is the public law branch that regulates the punitive or sanctioning power of the State, along with administrative sanctioning law.

The difference between the two is that administrative sanctions are applied to administrative infractions, while criminal sanctions are applied to crimes, which are typified in the Penal Code because they affect specially protected legal assets.