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Civil Law Lawyers in Tenerife

Manuel Rodolfo Martínez Martín

Attorney Magister in Criminal Law, former prosecutor of the MP of Venezuela, specialized in Arbitration, practicing arbitration in Spain with Of Counsel of Commercial Companies with presence in Spain and in the EU.

What is Civil Law?

Civil law is the law branch that aims to regulate, by means of principles and rules, the relationships between people, whether they are of a personal or patrimonial nature between individuals or legal entities.

This legal branch includes the right of the person as a natural person, nationality, personal rights, domicile, marital status, capacity to act, as well as the legal relations that arise around the individual.

Family law regulates the relationships and legal consequences, both personal and patrimonial, that arise from family or marital relationships, filiation and the guardianship of minors or disabled persons.

Within the patrimony we find the real rights of credit and the inheritances. Inheritance law covers the transfer of assets and rights to third parties after a person’s death.

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