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Banking Law Lawyers in Guipúzcoa Province

Find the best lawyers specialized in Banking Law in Guipúzcoa Pronvince

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Banking Law Lawyers in Guipúzcoa Provicne


Lawyers with more than 25 years professional experience


I am a lawyer with a solid international background, who has an overview of the legal advisory market thanks to my financial and legal training. I advise both companies and individuals, predominantly from the Anglo-Saxon and Nordic world. Although I am comfortable in litigation, I feel most fulfilled when the parties reach a prior agreement. As for the future, I would like to go deeper into specialized advice on new technologies.

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Pawyers Specialized in Banking Law in Guipúzcoa Province

What is Banking Law?

Banking law is the set of rules in charge of regulating banking entities, establishing norms aimed at regulating the legal relationships that these entities have with each other and with individuals and companies.

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