Has it been a bad year for your bar or restaurant? Relax! You have an alternative

You are covered by Article 3.2 of the State of Alarm, which states that: If because of the measures taken by the state of alarm you have stopped receiving money, you are entitled to compensation.

If your business has been affected by any of these cases due to the Pandemic, we can help you:

Article 3.2. of O.L. 4/81 on States of Exception, Alarm and Siege establishes that:

Those who as a result of the application of the acts and provisions adopted during the validity of these states suffer, directly or in their person, rights or property, damages or losses due to acts that are not attributable to them, shall be entitled to be compensated in accordance with the provisions of the laws.

We can help you:

That is how the process works:


We analyze all your documentation.


We submit to the administration the losses you have incurred.


If your compensation is denied, we file a claim.

The customers, your employees, the health of all of them and the survival of your business in your hands. But don't worry, you are no longer alone.

At LawYou we have more than 200 specialized professionals who will explain everything to you in detail.

We are ready to help you with whatever you need.

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