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The forced closure of the businesses has prevented them from having income for almost 100 days, many of them, who were already going through a difficult period, have already returned the premises or establishment, or are about to do so, have
difficulties to continue, find credit, etc.

Article 3.2. of O.L. 4/81 on States of Emergency, Alarm and Siege establishes that < Those who as a consequence of the application of the acts and provisions adopted during the validity of these states suffer, directly or in their person, rights or property, damages or losses due to acts that are not attributable to them, shall have the right to be compensated in accordance with the provisions of the laws&>


What solution do we offer?

  1. All the documentation is passed on to us and we seek the solution by the most appropriate means possible.
  2. An X-ray is made of the company/activity and of other types of needs or solutions to the problems that beset it and are posed to it
  3. At the very least, a claim led by an expert lawyer (in administrative law and/or restructuring) is raised.
  4. The formulation of this claim to the State implies that the entrepreneur will have taken every measure within his reach to avoid his lack of solvency and accredited the maximum diligence to face, in turn, the payment of his debts. A «litigious» credit is held to avoid possible liabilities. Your good faith is accredited.
  5. Trustful accompaniment and management of the steps of the claim or restructuring.
  6. If we do not manage to recover any type of money, you would only pay the initial expenses.
  7. Support throughout the national territory with maximum guarantees.
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