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Militar Law Lawyers in Valencia

Carlos Delgado Cañizares Lawyer

Specialized in Military Law, State Security Forces and Corps and Autonomous and local police, with a clear vocation to provide services throughout the national territory, responding to the growing need for an increasingly specialized legal service focused on the client.

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Success Stories
Specific non-commissioned officer complement

Corporal 1st permanent of the ET, was performing services as a non-commissioned officer on a permanent and stable basis, but nevertheless did not receive the specific complement corresponding to the function he was performing. Having exhausted the administrative channel, he went to the High Court of Justice.  This procedure lasted more than a year and a half.

Duties Abandonment

A case of dereliction of duty in which a non-commissioned officer of the Civil Guard, during the vacation period, assumes command of the unit where he was assigned as second in command when the commanding officer was absent, the day before enjoying his vacation, some events occurred in which one of the guardsmen was allegedly involved.