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The best Lawyers in Dos Hermanas in the Lawyou Lawyer's Office

Professional with a close, pleasant and understanding treatment with the problems and circumstances of the client, exercising the legal activity in accordance with the values of constancy in the work and dedication to it, as well as responsibility and rigor as fundamental premises, in order to seek the best legal solution for each client. Transparency, efficiency and professionalism.


I am a dynamic, approachable and professional lawyer. With almost 10 years of experience in civil work, family and inheritance.

Beatriz Ciprian Ansoalde

Lawyer committed and close to her clients, which together with the legal rigor in the study of the matter, makes her reach the most satisfactory solution for her clients.

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Successful Cases with Specialist Lawyers in Dos Hermanas


A client, a landlord, needed to know what options he had against a tenant who was not paying him because he had stopped receiving wages. After examining his private contract, I informed him of the possible judicial and non-judicial actions, and he opted for notarial intervention. I have learned that he has rented it again.

Death Risk

A client, a professional driver, suffered from an eye disease that prevented him from driving, and needed to arrange his life after a life-threatening surgery within 72 hours. Through a Non-Court Action Report, I advised him on health, capacity and testamentary provisions that could be notarized before he underwent surgery.

Annulment of DNA samples taken without consent

Taken at the police station from several detainees before I assisted them, and which were not included in the police report. I denounced it before the Court that was investigating the facts, who firstly denied it, understanding that it was a police proceeding that he did not have the competence to annul. I appealed.

Divorce Gender Violence

Divorced woman victim of gender violence who, after the death of her ex-husband, requests a widow’s pension. The Social Security opposed. I won in the social and in the TSJPV (Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country).