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Lawyou has Lawyers in Donostia, a lawyers’ office created by professionals specialized in different law fields.

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The lawyer will answer your general queries. You can choose to have the answer by phone or via e-mail.

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The lawyer analyzes your case and presents you with a report on the different options you have.

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The lawyer will propose a defense strategy for your case, preparing a report with the requests to be carried out.

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The lawyer will execute the defense strategy, in the judicial area or, extra judicially as convenient.

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Know your Lawyers in Donostia


Lawyer with more than 25 years professional experience in the field.


A committed and close lawyer with her clients, which together with the legal rigor in the study of the matter, makes it possible to reach the most satisfactory solution for her clients

Lawyer Xabier Ezeizabarrena Saenz

I am a lawyer specialized in environmental law and administrative law.

Carlos Delgado Cañizares Lawyer

CARLOS DELGADO ABOGADOS is an office specialized in Military Law, State Security Forces and Corps and State and local police forces, with a clear vocation to provide services throughout the national territory, responding to the growing need for an increasingly specialized and customer-centered legal service.


Great capacity for adaptation, organization, perseverance and responsibility at work. Team spirit and sense of teamwork. My professional experience has always been linked to customer relations.

Iban Ugarte Herrarte

I am a dynamic, approachable and professional lawyer. With almost 10 years of experience in civil work, family and inheritance.


I am a dynamic, approachable and professional lawyer. With almost 10 years of experience in civil work, family and inheritance.

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Lawyou Lawyer Javier Segura Diaz

Lawyers' Office in Donostia

We have professionals in the law practice with an average of 20 years experience in different law areas. We form a multidisciplinary team that has achieved great prestige in the profession thanks to the good practices and extensive professional experience of our lawyers.

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Success Cases
Divorce Gender Violence

Divorced woman victim of gender violence who, after the death of her ex-husband, requests a widow’s pension. The Social Security opposed. I won in the social and in the TSJPV (Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country).


Claim made by one of the ex-spouses for the tuition and transportation expenses of a minor as an extraordinary expense despite the fact that the Doctrine and Jurisprudence consider it to be ordinary. It is won in the first instance.

Declaratory judgment of occupational accident stress generated by an "uncomfortable working environment".

A court in Bilbao recognized as an occupational accident the temporary work incapacity of a worker as a result of the bad atmosphere prevailing in the company, following the worker’s request for his labor rights. 

Death risk

A client, a professional driver, suffered from an eye disease that prevented him from driving, and needed to arrange his life after a life-threatening surgery within 72 hours. Through a Non-Court Action Report, I advised him on health, capacity and testamentary provisions that could be notarized before he underwent surgery.


A client, a landlord, needed to know what options he had against a tenant who was not paying him because he had stopped receiving wages. After examining his private contract, I informed him of the possible judicial and non-judicial actions, and he opted for notarial intervention. I have learned that he has rented it again.

Acoustic pollution

Extrajudicial and judicial actions aimed at minimizing the noise pollution impact on the urban environment.

Specialized Lawyers in Donostia

The Lawyers’ Office in GIPUZKOA

Paseo Mikeletegi nº 54, Plta. 0, Mod 12 20009 Donostia-San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa)

If you have any questions related to these topics, you can request more information by filling out the contact form on their website, by phone at 667 606 611 and sending an email to info@lawyoulegal.com.