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The best Family Lawyers in Alicante

Find the best family lawyers in Alicante, we have lawyers specialized in Family Rights in Alicante Province


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Family Lawyers in Alicante Province

lawyer asier garcia llano

Lawyer with extensive professional experience. Having developed my career in different offices, later to practice as an independent lawyer for 9 years. Specializing in the following fields: Civil, Family, Criminal, Gender Violence, and Minors.


A committed and close lawyer with her clients, which together with the legal rigor in the study of the matter, makes it possible to reach the most satisfactory solution for her clients

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Lawyers specialized in Family Rights in Alicante province

Success Stories
Annulment of DNA samples taken without consent

Annulment of the DNA samples taken at the police station from several detainees before I assisted them, and which were not included in the police report. I denounced it before the Court that was investigating the facts, who firstly denied it on the grounds that it was a police procedure that it did not have the competence to annul. I appealed.

Divorce Gender Violence

Workers to whom the current retirement regulations are applied and who request that the previous regulations be applied to them because they have been involved in EREs. Winning in social matters and ratified in TSJPV.