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Lawyou — Wednesday, 24 de february de 2021

Digital transformation in offices

The transformation that the legal sector is undergoing is a faithful reflection of the changes that are taking place on the economic and social level with the emergence of new technologies that impact business models and customer experience. This is being reflected regularly by the media ( see here ). Lawyou legal makes available to clients all the value that these changes imply, thanks to its team of specialized lawyers and the proximity of legal advice. Javier Segura, President of Lawyou, and Ignacio Martínez-Fonseca, CEO of Lawyou, reflect on Lawyou and the future of the legal market. (new entry)

Did the origin of Lawyou Legal already glimpse the changes that were taking place in the legal market?

Ignacio Martínez-Fonseca (CEO )

Three years ago, given the evolution of the legal sector, Javier Segura, President of Lawyou and the lawyer promoting the firm, and I, CEO of Lawyou and Engineer, made a deep reflection on the market situation of legal services compared to the transformation of other sectors, where technology was changing business models and reinventing the customer experience. We realized that it was already affecting the legal services market and an adaptation was needed from within. At Lawyou we want to be pioneers in that transformation of the client’s experience in legal services from within the legal profession.

The complexity of the change required a solution that would join forces, and for this reason we decided to launch a disruptive, innovative law firm, where specialized and renowned lawyers are providing a new, renewed and fresh legal service experience to our clients.

Both profiles, and those of the team, are complementary and necessary to give answers, creative and practical, to offer a new proposal of legal services making available to companies and private clients a large law firm without the limits of a large traditional office. In short, democratize Justice by offering a Premium service of lawyers with proven experience to any citizen.

What is the essential core of the firm’s strategy?

Javier Segura (President of Lawyou)

We are a large law firm with more than 20 years of experience, and we work at a private or company level, with a disruptive business model in human relationships. We are redefining the way we approach and manage relationships with people. We work to be the great office of the ordinary citizen. An open office that adapts to its client to solve their personal problem in the easiest and most efficient way, and where the client receives: A personalized treatment, clarity of the steps and the process and, of course, knowledge of the cost variables and probabilities, a close follow-up of the matter and information on its evolution, a single window, multichannel communication, and guarantees in the process. In the end, resolution of any legal problem and anywhere with the guarantees of a large office in the most humane and competent way

What main characteristic of the service offered by Lawyou Legal would you highlight?

Javier Segura

The firm works with both private clients and companies, offering a quick, efficient and personalized response in any part of the Spanish geography, having lawyers of all specialties of Law. We work with clients who want to receive the service of a large firm and who have always thought that this type of firm was far from their possibilities. Lawyou is a large open firm that provides a competitive solution with the advantages of the digital age through a close and human format; your trusted lawyer

Why is Lawyou a novelty in the legal market?

Ignacio Martínez-Fonseca

Lawyou provides accessibility to lawyers with specialized experience contrasted with its more than 20 years on average. The use of new tools and technologies allows us to achieve this accessibility and proximity. Our clients are served by the lawyer who handles their matter throughout the process. Our focus is the client and her experience in legal service with us. Legal service clients are facing a problem and our goal is to help you today and tomorrow. For us, the client is not a file, but a person with his problems. From there, knowing you, we seek to provide you with the best experience based on trust. At Lawyou we earn trust with honesty, professionalism, closeness, ease, communication, and the guarantee of the lawyer and the firm.

Are there other firms that work as Lawyou Legal?

Javier Segura

It is really very difficult to currently find a firm with the same approach, projection or solutions that Lawyou offers, because the firm helps lawyers to remain competitive in the market and offers them the support they need in multiple aspects of their professional practice in order to to develop business for their office, save them time in tasks of lesser value or with very different competences and above all to have greater sustainability and guarantee of their office. We provide the lawyer with belonging to a large law firm but with the flexibility that 21st century technology allows us

What is the role of technology for Lawyou Legal?

Ignacio Martínez-Fonseca

We are a law firm built on a community of lawyers with proven experience and we use technology for our purpose. Our core is not technology itself, but technology is a tool made available to the client and the legal service. That is why we are up to date with the evolutions and we are seeing its incorporation into the legal process when that technology is consistent and close to the day-to-day of what the client demands. In Lawyou the client will find an office in continuous evolution to be her office in the cloud.

Could you describe what the entire team of Lawyou Legal professionals is like?

Javier Segura

When approaching a 21st century customer service, a service mix between the digital and the physical, we need to incorporate profiles of all the necessary skills into our team. Most of the team is of a different profile from that of a lawyer, with skills in customer experience, commercial, marketing, digital marketing, IT, economists, engineers, … etc. The problems are more complex and a good mix of different competencies is required to develop solutions that add up.

Can the legal market in Spain assume the formula proposed by Lawyou Legal?

Ignacio Martínez-Fonseca

The great potential of the legal services market is in that myriad of small and medium-sized companies, freelancers, who are demanding a close, quality and competitive service. For them Lawyou has arrived. Clients demand a legal service similar to other services in other sectors (hotels, taxis, banks, shopping …) that already operate and make their lives easier: multichannel services, simple, easy to use, transparent,… The digital client has gotten used to it at that level. This is not a fashion, it will be a must. Our firm works to cover it, now and in the future.

What is the radiography in Lawyou Legal data?

Ignacio Martínez-Fonseca

At Lawyou we say that adding sum. Evolution bears witness to this. Lawyou had 800 cases handled in 2019, a figure that includes lawsuits and other legal advice services. The investment, between capital and financing, that we have received stands, today, at a figure greater than € 1 million. Lawyou currently has 50 partners and 180 collaborators spread throughout the Spanish geography.



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