Beatriz Ciprian Ansoalde

“Thanks to Lawyou the client knows they have the backing of a large Law Office.”

Lawyou — Wednesday, 24 de february de 2021



How long have you been practicing law? What led you here, to become a lawyer?

Initially I studied computer science and worked in that sector, but family influence led me to study law at the Uned, because I found the conversations I listened to very interesting. My vocation for law is explained by the variety of cases you can study and the large number of people you can help.

What does it mean for you as a professional to join Lawyou?

It was very attractive to me because as a craft lawyer, I believe that the evolution of the legal services market is making it more and more difficult to attract clients. Nowadays it is not enough to have a website, neither do we have time or knowledge, besides Lawyou allows you to keep your side intact but to be able to develop the firm’s business.

What is your area of practice in law??

I am a specialist in Family Law and Civil Law, mainly. It fits with my activity of advising individuals, as I like the contact with the person. I am also included in the Public Defender’s Office, which allows you to be connected with reality.

Could you explain to us which aspects of your activity are in the advisory area (reports) and in the litigation area?.

I work in both. The client needs practical solutions and in the specialty of Family Law you have to try to avoid lawsuits and reach agreements, prepare the client for the divorce process that he/she is going to live, etc.; therefore, the client appreciates very much that you have empathy. You have to deal with consultations but also propose strategies, which is as important as handling litigation.

In the future, do you prefer to deepen your current client portfolio profile or do you want to explore new avenues of advice?

At Lawyou you have to take advantage of the knowledge community. Because of my background, I believe that Technology and Data Protection Law is an area in which it would be interesting to be able to contribute something in the future.

Could you highlight any case of success obtained by the firm lately??

Criminal Law. The Justice annulled some DNA samples that were taken at the police station to several detainees before the assistance of counsel and that did not appear in the attestation.

Civil Law. The Audiencia ruled in favor of a seller of land where polluting activities had been carried out and in the contract the buyer had committed to carry out the decontamination work. The buyer did not obtain the claim for the over cost generated by such works.

Administrative Law. Favorable rulings in sanctioning procedures, authorizations, benefits, etc.

Do you have any course or master’s degree in your academic background that you would like to highlight?.

  • Course in Civil and Commercial Mediation, with specializations in health and foreclosure (2013).
  • Basque Civil Law course (2018).

Do you find interesting the possibility offered by Lawyou to get closer to the media?.

Yes, it is essential to generate branding, which is not within the reach of small firms.

How do you think you can take advantage of the knowledge community that Lawyou offers? .

Having a knowledge network with colleagues from different specialties is fundamental because from the entry in Lawyou the client knows that he will be able to be assisted in other matters. On the other hand, our work gets more diffusion.

Has your personal brand improved by joining Lawyou??

Yes, I am convinced because what I was asking for is that there were other lawyers around and you know they can work for you.

What is your perspective on the evolution of the legal market??

New technologies have changed the way we attract clients. Once they are with you, clients need to be provided with communication channels and kept informed. E-justice is changing the way lawyers work. The relationship between the lawyer and the client does not change, but everything around him, so there has to be a relationship of trust. Lawyou plays that role, since the client trusts that he has a large law firm behind him.

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