“Lawyou incorporates new technologies without forgetting the person.”

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How long have you been practicing law? What has led you here, to become a lawyer?

I have been practicing since 1997 and in 2002 I joined the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Venezuela, where I stayed until 2014. During my specialization in criminalistics I studied legal subjects and later decided to do law, so it was vocational since I joined the Scientific Police.

What does it represent for you as a professional to join Lawyou?

It is a stimulus for me to be able to count on a large firm at national level, because it allows me to position myself with a brand and not as a one-person lawyer. It has allowed me to strengthen myself, because what clients are looking for is a brand.

What is your area of practice specialty in law?

I am a specialist in criminal law, but I currently work in civil and commercial arbitration as counsel to companies. I work at the National Court of Civil, Commercial and Maritime Arbitration located in the Canary Islands. The matters are varied: maritime, contracts, horizontal property, leases, corporate operations and international transactions between companies. My specialty allows me to work also in other arbitration courts.

Could you tell us about your advisory and litigation activities?

I am an advisor to companies in the maritime sector.
I am an advisor to companies in the maritime, commercial sector, and my advice focuses first on the pre-contracting phase to include arbitration clauses in contracts and subsequently when arbitration disputes arise that reach the Court.

Do you prefer to deepen your current client portfolio profile in the future or do you want to explore new avenues of advice?

What I would like to do is to promote and boost my performance in commercial arbitration, including with a national and international perspective.

Do you have any course or master’s degree that you would like to highlight in your academic background?

Diploma in International Law.

Do you find interesting the possibility offered by Lawyou to get closer to the media?

It is very interesting because through the media companies and individuals can get to know the firm’s lawyers and the firm, in turn, can offer all the services.

How do you think you can take advantage of the knowledge community that Lawyou offers?

As far as Spanish law is concerned, I can exchange knowledge with specialists in other fields and have a first view of the subject under study, including complex issues.

Has your personal brand improved by joining Lawyou?

Yes, I feel that I have backing and that I belong to Lawyou. I no longer see myself as a one-man lawyer, but as the firm’s arbitration specialist.

What is your perspective on the evolution of the legal market?

Artificial intelligence is gaining ground in the legal field, so there will be automation in certain practice areas (for example, in Family), but the lawyer will always be needed to recommend to the client what he/she needs. Lawyou incorporates new technologies without forgetting the person.

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