How to apply for the second chance law for Self-Employed with the Coronavirus.

Lawyou — Wednesday, 24 de february de 2021

If you are an entrepreneur or you are self-employed this article is for you, you are interested.


We are going through a period of great difficulty and uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic and also due to the prolongation and extension of the state of alarm that has led to an interruption of the economic activity never seen before.

The recovery, according to all the experts, will be gradual, and will be linked to the recovery of demand and to the maintenance of access to financing and credit.

But for some entrepreneurs or some self-employed people, the situation has already become absolutely impossible. Either by the absence of income, or by the lack of financing and access to credit, by the lack of confidence and by the maintenance of payment obligations.


If this may already be your situation or you foresee your insolvency imminently… You can apply for the Second Chance Law

We, through the mechanism provided by the Second Chance Law, will try to reach with all your creditors the best possible agreement, the one that will allow you to sustain your activity, keep your project, even boost it.

But if the agreement is not possible, we will ask the judge for the largest possible exoneration of your debt, so that you can continue your business and even grow again.

As you can see the second chance law is a reality and we are ready and willing to accompany you and guide you throughout the process.


Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us your case through our email: or, if you prefer, you can also call us at 602 226 895. Or you can leave us your details here.

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