what does the second chance law entail?

What does the Second Chance Law entail?

Lawyou — Monday, 1 de february de 2021

🆕 Today another episode of La Buhardilla Legal.

In this case, a topic we have already discussed, Second Chance Law, a law designed to start from scratch and forget about the debts that are pressing us so much.

On the previous occasion, we dealt with it with the focus on the state of alarm. But this time, we will go further. 🚀

We will explain:

🔹 What is the second chance law?
🔹 Who can benefit from the second-chance law?
🔹 What are the requirements to be eligible for the second chance law?
🔹 And more answyers.

All of this will explain us Sergio Gayoso Merino lawyer at Lawyou and which has led to numerous proceedings.

As always, we try to approach the law in an easy and accessible way.

If you have any doubts, questions or would like us to address a specific topic in our Podcast or you can write us at:  labuhardillalegal@lawyoulegal.com

Thank you!

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