We launch La Buhardilla Legal

Lawyou — Monday, 1 de february de 2021

We bring you the law in a new format.

We continue to work so that Lawyou provides our clients with a different legal service experience, adapting to them to provide value in the best possible way and for this reason we have decided to open the format podcast to continue sharing current legal knowledge and give you light to your doubts about the law with a language that can be understood in an easy and accessible format in any place.

Why La buhardilla legal?

That concept of giving light to the citizen, made us think of a corner of our home where we feel protected, but also with a lack of knowledge of what is outside. But in every attic, there is a light that enters from outside. That light is the one we want to bring to you, and that’s why the name.

Why hear Buhardilla legal?

We want our listeners to gain confidence when talking about legal issues, because we all face in our day multiple legal situations; claims, fines, labor contracts, rental contracts,… and there is no better way to approach it than having a basis of understanding, knowing our rights and responsibilities, and thus having the necessary peace of mind to make the best decisions.

What content will we have in the podcast?

The podcast will be directed by Ignacio Martínez and we will have guests who will explain us with a close language any current issue from a legal perspective of rights and obligations of the citizen.  For example, in the moment of global pandemic that we are living, we will deal with topics such as:

  • ERTEs and ERES.
  • Postcovid acts.
  • 2 opportunity.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Gender violence.

We will be posting our posting at Ivoox and Spotify all episodes, as well as on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram) so you don’t miss any episode.

How often will the podcast be?

The podcast will be published on a biweekly basis. Every two weeks you will have a new episode of La buhardilla legal.

Can you participate?

Yes, we will provide an email and a phone number where you can send us Whatsapp audios or text where you propose topics or doubts you have.

Remember that if you are a Lawyou customer, you have access to the Lawyou Club where you can send questions to receive a free orientation by email.

When is the podcast launched?

We will launch next Thursday, May 7th. Stay tuned to our social networks and you will be able to listen to it without any problem.


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