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Specialized Lawyer in Criminal Law in Cáceres

lawyer raul prieto

Raúl Prieto Martinez

Experienced lawyer, capable of finding the most efficient solution, always for the clients' benefit.

What is criminal law about?

C riminal law is the branch of public law that regulates the punitive or sanctioning power of the State, together with administrative sanctioning law. The difference between the two is that administrative sanctions are imposed for administrative infractions, while criminal sanctions are imposed for crimes, which are typified in the Criminal Code because they affect specially protected legal assets.

Within what is strictly known as criminal law there are two parts. On the one hand, the general part, which regulates in a theoretical and conceptual way what a crime is and what its legal consequences are.

On the other hand, there is the special part, which is in charge of defining specifically what conducts are typified as crimes in our legal system and what are the legal consequences that such conducts entail, i.e., the penalties and security measures to be imposed on the actors.

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